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As a life coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, and get in touch with me today.

“I want to share how grateful I m with the work we are doing together, I feel it activates parts of my brain that were dormant and it s now available not only for my work but everything else."

“He is detail oriented while at the same time able to stand back and see the big picture and present management with information that they can quickly grasp and act on. I recommend Vikram without hesitation or reservation.”


“Vikram is a loyal, dedicated employee and an excellent mathematician and analyst.”

“He is a good listener and knows how to filter through long discussion sessions and synthesize the key points. As a project manager he has grown professionally and personally thanks to the excellent mentorship received from his peers and the leadership qualities he has nurtured.”

“I consider Vikram to be representative of the best kind of economist/ analyst - hitting that influential crux between numbers, ideas and people.”


“Vikram has a strong analytical mind and he is a very fast learner; thanks to his quick grasping power, he understands well what is expected in an assignment and delivers it effectively.”

“Vikram is a very good team builder and has all the qualities to inspire his team members: versatile, intelligent, diligent, conscientious, patient, accommodative, humorous, polite and respectful of others.”

 “He has a real knack for analyzing and distilling information into the most critical, relevant issues, then representing data in a way to make complex problems more approachable in decision-making processes.”

“Right from the start, Vikram provided excellent support as a project manager in the organization of events which were attended and appreciated by experts from several countries.”

“He is a team player, is polite and respectful of others, and when asked to do a job (and he's asked to do a lot) he gets it done on time and done right.”


 “vikram is very quick and sharp with analysis and insights derived from quantitative data. This skill helped us a lot in making the right decisions. vikram's attention to detail is another important skill.”

“Vikram is very understanding, friendly and believes in mutual respect. He is always on his toes, and this makes everyone determined to keep up the pace of their projects. It has indeed been a wonderful experience working with Vikram.”


“He also believed in my capabilities and entrusted me with responsibilities that pushed me to perform better than I thought I could.”

“Vikram is one of the most versatile yet approachable people I have come across.”


“He had numerous other projects he was working on and it used to surprise me how he could be just as involved in each project. With all this going on, he was still open to answering even the littlest of doubts anyone had. I remember being in awe of how calmly he would switch from clearing doubts in one project to another to yet another, always maintaining a polite tone in his voice and a smile on his face.”

“vikram is someone who is an oasis of calm and balance even in the midst of very trying times. this is a huge 'asset' and makes vikram a very important team member.”

“Vikram is one of those rare natural leaders whose charismatic words command respect and attention, while inspiring a sense of mutual agreement within professional interest groups.”


“He has excellent combined sensibilities of 'business-savvy' - sensitive skills in leadership and collaboration, an assertive command of raw data and economics, and an intuitive grasp of emerging/ change-making ideas.”

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