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Are you seeking a change in your life? In your personal or professional life?  What are you longing to manifest to find peace and fullfillment? What skills or talents do you have at your disposal?

When we're in sync with the flow of the universe, life feels like a gentle brook carrying us through its currents. Dreams are woven, vision materializes, and manifestation comes easy, as if by magic...

And when we're out of sync with the flow of the universe, life feels like a turbulent ocean, lashing us with waves upon waves. Dreams are there but hope is gone; vision is blurred, and manifestation feels like an elusive game of luck.

The Flow Game brings back that ease and magic into your life. It helps unleash the free spirit in you when all you can see is your tethered mind. It helps you tap into your inherent 'luck', and bring to ground what you feel is stuck in clouds.


Flow is the coming together of intuition, synchronicity, and collective consciousness. The magic it creates brings about lateral thinking in you, the player. It takes you several steps closer to finding the answers you've come seeking. As a group, we'll help each other gain clarity, process difficulties, and even resolve issues. It's a board game like none other: it will pique you, it will  nudge you, it will motivate you.  

The Flow Game is a highly effective tool to help you reflect on the burning question you bring with you. It’s simple, and yet, so powerful. The fact that it’s an interactive game helps lighten your approach no matter the intensity of the question you come in with. Flow will surprise you with the insight and clarity it can bring to a situation you might have thought of as highly convoluted.  



What's been bothering you lately? From career to love, kids to pets, individual growth to couplehood, you can ask just about anything under the sun. Flow is a highly versatile game, allowing you to theme the session as per your personal needs.

Here are some sample questions:

"What do I need to be happily solo?"

"What can I do to attract the right partner?"

"How do I manifest that promotion?"

"What, currently, can fulfill my need for peace?"

"What hidden skills or talents do I have?"

"What can I do to increase my abundance?"

"What can support my spiritual growth?"



There are precious few things in life that stir up our minds and nudge us to see things differently. It's what the Flow Game does. It has a way of rooting you in the present and helping you explore your future from a place of possibilities. During the Flow Game, the power of now becomes very apparent, putting you right back in the driver's seat of your life. It empowers you by getting you to see how you can take inspired action.

Life isn't always easy. Seeing the same old problem under a new light can be quite a challenge. The beautiful thing about Flow is that the collective consciousness of the group makes this possible. With the help of perspectives from all players, you can view your situation differently and find the answers to your questions. Come in seeking solace and insight, step out gaining solution and clarity. 



Let's face it. Life is challenging. It pushes you to ask questions you don't seem to have straight answers for. But let's pause for a second. Have you ever wondered if you're asking the right questions? 

The real deal isn't in what questions you can ask, but in how you phrase the questions you have in mind. Words hold power. They can also hold assumptions. Sometimes, assumptions in themselves could hold us back. So, before (and even during) the game, we will work on phrasing your questions as effectively as possible. And then, we just let the magic unfold. This way, you can harvest the most fruitful insight possible.



The Flow Game is for just about anyone willing to dive deep into themselves. If you're looking to resolve a life situation, then, consider Flow to navigate possible solutions. If you're seeking ways to take your life to the next level, then, consider Flow to widen your vision.

If you're ready to shift your perception of the problem, and your perspective on the approach, then Flow is here to propel you into clarity of thought, vision, and spirit.

Whether you're a professional looking to accelerate your career growth or spiritual aspirant seeking guidance, whether you're a single parent looking to foster your inner strength or a couple hoping to be better partners, the Flow Game can be a guiding map for you.

Butterfly on a Flower


"Vikram hosted a Flow Game around the question of our faults in a Romantic Relationship and this could not have come at a better time. Having just broken up from a long term relationship, I was still struggling with inner traumas. Playing the game helped me immensely, it may have saved me weeks if not months of anguish. The process helped me delve deeper into my own questions around Romantic Relationships, and unravel them from within. I am filled with Gratitude for Vikram to host this game and the other participants for sharing their insights."

"Thank you Vikram for the joyful yet deep Flow with the planets. What a wonderful short snapshot receiving a spark of the wisdom of the universe. Thank you for this opportunity. I approached the flow game as if it was a game with a reading twist by some of touching some deeper levels. Well, I learnt it is deeper levels talking to you over a game ;)!"



Are you open to using Flow Game for individual coaching sessions or is it only for playing in groups? 

The Flow Game is so versatile that it lends itself seamlessly for playing individually, with family, as couples, and as small groups or teams. And yes, I'm open to using the Flow Game as one of the tools in individual coaching sessions. 

How do I participate in one of your Flow Game sessions if I'm not being coached by you?

You can certainly participate in one of my Flow Game sessions without having to be coached by me. Currently, there's an official Whatsapp group on which all certified facilitators announce their next group Flow Game session. If you're willing, I can add you to that group once you get in touch with me. Alternatively, you can get in touch with me and fix an appointment to play the Flow Game individually.

Can you customise Flow Game for our business’ needs? 

Yes, I can. The Flow Game is very effective for teams to heighten their creativity and productivity. Not only will it engage the team as a unit, but also help each individual reflect on their own strengths and challenges. The lateral thinking Flow initiates will not only help the team but also your business. 

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